Communicating with Advisors by Luciana Gomez-Canizalez c/o 15

MILBY_As students, if we don’t receive the right advice from our counselors, teachers, and other staff it can really affect us.
During my high school years I’ve been struggling to catch up because I didn’t take the key courses I was suppose to my freshman year. My sophomore year the people who were suppose to advise me didn’t do it very well. Instead they didn’t allow me to take advanced classes when I knew I was capable of achieving remarkable grades. Ever since I was in pre-k my mother told me to always do better and to be ambitious.

Sometimes even though you have the knowledge or the ability, some people feel they have the right to discourage you, or advise you wrongly. When I was in middle school I always thought “yes I’m definitely going to college” that’s why I did very good my freshman year in Mexico; to start of well.

When I came back to the U.S., I was slapped with the bad news that I didn’t take the classes I was supposed to my freshman year and that I was behind with my credits. In Mexico they follow a different lesson plan; therefore the education is very different and hard. I still did well regardless of how stressful and different the education was.

My sophomore year when I came back to Texas, I had to take freshman and sophomore classes; I thought it wasn’t fair, but those were the school‘s rules. I was really sad and even angry but that made me determined to A’s my classes. I also got a few B’s but rarely. My counselors didn’t advise me; they just gave me regular classes even though I requested AP. I decided that I had to pass all my state exams, (I had to take English I and English II the same year) the first time. And I did.

In some schools counselors discourage the students from taking AP classes because they’re afraid they might fail the AP exam and make the school look bad. This is something unfair because they deny the opportunities that should be equal for everyone. It’s important to talk to the right people at the right time. It’s best to start doing it the first year of high school; the earlier the better.


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