Moving Schools at the End of a Semester by Luciana Gomez-Canizalez c/o 15

MILBY_Moving from school to school continuously can be very stressful and depressing; for a child or adolescent. If a child moves to another school and/or another town this can affect the student; not only his/her grades but it can also harm the student’s mental health.

Moving to another school implies adapting to another school environment. This can be be very challenging for a student; especially if this happens towards the end of the year symptoms.
When a student approaches a new school the student most then likely will have several fears, for example: making new friends, the decline of his/her grades, adapting to a new institution, etc.

Professional advice is that parents should really think about making a change of this type in the student’s life. Deciding to switch a child to another school in the middle of the year is rarely an easy task. There is a manifold of factors to take into consideration. First of all parents should see if there’s a.way their child could at least finish that year at their current school.
Parents should also ask their child how they feel about moving to a new school. They should also analyze if the change will benefit the child, if it’s worth moving, what are the pros and cons.
Moving the child towards the end of the year can actually cause serious trauma. It can lead the child to experience psychotic symptoms at a very young age. It can even affect the them later on over the years.

For that reason parents should be very alert, checking for any changes in the child’s behavior.The child needs a lot of support from his/her parents because more than likely the child will feel lonely at the new school. Feeling excluded can lead to depression, anxiety, and other changes in the kid’s behavior. If a child has these types of symptoms he/she must see a professional in order to become emotionally stable. A student needs security; therefore, once the student feels secure he/she will be able to adapt to the new school environment.
Most important than anything: kids and teens must feel secure in any institution they’re attending in order to have a good development, emotionally and academically.


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