Rampage by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

MILBY_There are many adults and children who need counseling or a friend to talk to that will hear them out, someone who will listen to their problems without jurisdiction, only to advise them onto a brighter path. There have been several breakouts of students and former military workers to just snap and go on a rampage killing people.

This could all be avoided if everyone would notice the small things, like a change in attitude, lifestyle, someone’s daily routine, the way they’re acting. If you notice someone acting a bit odd you should talk to them about it or someone else, not in a negative way but in the “how can I help?” type of way. One should be there for those who recently have gone through something traumatizing or damaging to ones mentality or health.

A Pennsylvania High School student injured 21 people , he is facing charges for attempted homicide and 21 cases of aggravated assault and he is being trialed as an adult. He could do 50 to life incarcerated, and he’s only 16. Most of his friends said he was a really nice kid and that they didn’t notice anything weird going on. One student said he had heard rumors about him being bullied but he didn’t believe it. If one of his classmates would’ve directed him to the school counselor or just an adult in general this could’ve been avoided, and no one would be injured right now and he wouldn’t be waiting to go on trial.

We need to be helpful to others, we need to be respective and we need to contribute on stopping bullying. Those who have recently experienced a bad situation in their life should all be directed to a psychologist. It’s better to avoid it than to give it a potential cause of happening.


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