USA-Mexico Friendly Ends in Tie by Maynor Gutierrez c/o 14

HOUSTON_USA (the men’s national soccer team) played yesterday in an international friendly game at Phoenix, Arizona vs. Mexico before the World Cup; everybody in school brought their shirts and they were making bets with each other, William Rivera brought his shirt and his “maraca” and he started screaming “USA” around the hallways, and other people were screaming “Mexico” too, they were having a good moment at school before the game.

It was an exciting and amazing game, because USA started winning with a goal by Bradley at the 15th min. mark of the match then at the 28th min. Wondolowski (former Dynamo player) scored the second goal. First half it seemed done: the USA was winning but Mexico didn’t want to give up.

The second half started and Mexico was playing better than the USA as Mexico was controlling the game and in a moment early on in the 2nd half Marquez scored the first goal for Mexico. The goal gave Mexico hopes to keep going and to tie the game and they did with a goal by Pulido, a young player from Tigres at the 67th min. It was at that moment when the game was very entertaining and everybody was focused because neither one of them could scored a goal and win the game, but at the end everyone went home with good experience and preparatino for this summer’s World Cup and Mexico and USA fans are friends once again because no one won or lost with the 2-2 result.


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