STAAR Testing Ends by Yolanda DeLeon c/o 16

MILBY_STAAR testing has been a boulder of stress on our backs weighing us down. The constant nagging of others to pass the test and a day to day reminder of how difficult the STAAR is.

When the day of STAAR approached I was a bottle of anticipation just ready to pop. My nerves struck me fairly hard and I had never been so nervous. I second guessed every answer choice I had, even if I knew it was correct. Once I got settled with the test I cooled my nerves and I did my best. The questions I answered weren’t so difficult, but my mind drifted, worrying about how much time I had left to finish the answer choices along with the essays.

I took all my time during the test, until the teacher alarmed us to stop at the end of the 5 hours. Although I had to rush at the end of the test I felt pretty confident with my answers overall, but I wasn’t so stoked about my writing. STAAR and testing in general takes a toll on students. I very well understand the concept of having to do my very best and beyond in order to pass, but all the stress builds up and it takes us down. I’m not complaining, I appreciate the extra pushes and it feels amazing to know we have extra support when we need it.

Last year was absolutely horrible. We had constant testing, and it was horrible. Thankfully they reduced testing because I was about ready to break down last year. Testing will always be a drag, but we have to be willing to achieve our success no matter what.

I have confidence in the test I just took, but I do have some negative thoughts about some parts, but I’m just hoping for the best like most people who took the test.


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