California Drought by Eliseo Gonzalez c/o 14

MILBY_California awaits the rain while the entire country could see an increase in produce prices (fruits and vegetables) as a result of the ongoing drought.

The unemployment rate in the agriculture industry is more than likely to increase drastically as well as the prices in water supply. This inevitable issue cannot be ignored and government officials must step in and impose regulations. California produces more than half the produce than any other state this is why the impact may be overwhelming for many of us. If the issue is not dealt with properly the consequences can be harmful in many aspects.

Horacio Medina is one of the many migrant workers in ranch Valle Central which is owned by Jorge Delgado. Medina says that for the 28 years working in ranch Valle Central he has not seen a drought this bad. This year migrant workers will not cultivate more than 150 acres because the demand in water is much higher than the supply available and the water available is not enough to water 150 acres of land. Prices for water have tripled in amount while unemployment in agriculture have reached a surprising 40 %.This year Jorge Delgado will be forced to let go 12 of his permanent workers as well as his 20 temporary (seasonal) workers.

Meanwhile, government officials are finding ways of bringing this issue to a halt. One proposition to end this issue for good was possibly building dams that would essentially bring much needed water to these farms. The issue is so serious that even President Barack Obama took matters into his own hands and promised 160 million dollars in federal aid. In addition, the governor of California Jerry Brown has declared California in a state of emergency and has asked residents to reduce their water output to at least a 20%. Starting summer strict regulations will be imposed and government officials will have come to an agreement in regards to this issue.


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