Milby Construction by Joshua Ramirez c/o 15 & Nathan Escobedo c/o 17

MILBY_The building opened up in the year 1926, and goes by the name Charles H. Milby High School. The building is small with one field which is the football field and the track. Well the year is 2014 today and the building is getting to that point where it’s time for some construction. The school has been here for years with the same construction and it’s starting to fall apart slowly. There are rats, raccoons, and other animals living in the ceiling. The walls have cracks in them, the floors are missing and upstairs is starting to be a problem due to the fact that a teacher fell and injured herself on Milby’s stairs which can be dangerous.

Houston has finally decided to start the construction after the seniors of 2014 graduate. Starting next semester they will be splitting up kids to different schools due to the construction. So they say. HISD already has pictures of how the school will look in 2017. In my opinion I think it’s a good idea to have the construction because the school does need some new remodeling with all the messed up stuff we have in our school.

Milby needs to be known again. Right now we’re considered a “run down school, crappy or even the drop outs” which is not right because we have some excellent teachers that teach here and we’re being called out by what others see. Soon, hopefully we will be known with a better name as the construction goes on and we rebuild. It will be an exciting new start for me and the rest of the freshmen, because they will be the first ones to experience the new building in 2017. They will have new walls, new floors, new classrooms, a new gym, new restrooms- it will all look totally brand new. People will have to look up to us now. You’re going to have people that like it and people that don’t. Yet at the end of the day: “Haters going to hate.” Go Buffs!


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