Art Department by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

MILBY_ A lot of people are asking why there is no Art Honor Society this year, and well I’ve decided to ask around and find out why.

Mr.Suire who was in charge of the Art Honor Society last year and explained to me how the club didn’t really work out since there was only a few students who actually met the qualifications of joining and how not all the students were committed to the club.

Taking care of a club, teaching, and his personal life all collided when he tried to make this work. This is his second year teaching Art in Milby H.S.  Mr.Suire wants to come up with a new curriculum to teach his students, something a bit out of the ordinary to keep his students interested in the arts. He hopes that maybe next year there will be enough students that will commit to the Art Honor Society and meet the standard qualifications. Last year there was no art car since no one had a final concept on how the car should be decorated and time was ticking.  Since they need to fit the concept around the company who funded their money for the car, an oil company, they’re trying to come up with something new. This year there is a collaboration between the petroleum, engineering, welding and HVAC courses, which seems like a great idea, that way there can be different perspectives to the project. Since the concept is supposed to be about oil and energy its best if they get involved to contribute their opinion.

The art car, an old 1991 Chevy Blazer, is currently in the shop getting repairs and an engine change. They want the car to be more fuel efficient and eco-friendly for the art parade…which is around mid-May, but chances are that the car won’t be done completely by then. Mr.Suire is trying his best to get as much done as he can in short due time, but there seems to be a lot coming our way next year.


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