Mr. A Wins Teacher of the Year by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

MILBY_We all know that one teacher who always makes students work until the bell rings. That one teacher who makes you want to excel, the one who is constantly reminding you to pay attention. Teachers that always tell you “You can do it if you pay attention” are seriously the best. They try to encourage you on the daily to do better at all times in everything. This year of 2013-2014 Mr. Ahiabor won teacher of the year at Milby H.S.  

Mr. Ahiabor, commonly referred to as Mr. A, because many people struggle trying to pronounce his last name, has dedicated his life to teaching to spread his passion of math on to his students. He’s been working here at Milby for a little over 12 years now and he has enjoyed every second of it.  

I think it’s great that he won teacher of the year because he’s an amazing teacher he doesn’t give up on his students when they’re giving up on him, he pushes everyone until they fully understand. Not only does he teach incredibly but he adds his personality to everything, his touch of humor enlightens the class. It’s been seven years since the last time he was awarded for being teacher of the year, that was back in school year of 06-07.

The average teenager hates math and everything that falls in between  addition to finding x. He understands this clearly but that hatred of students towards math only makes him want to improve this, to make a change to make math fun and enjoyable. Mr. Ahiabor after all of it always is humble, when asked about how he felt being teacher of the year he replied with, “There are many other teachers that are better than me, I was just lucky to be acknowledged.” 


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