Marching Thunder Band Prepares for Parades by Joel Briagas c/o 17

MILBY_Well I just want to take this time to talk to y’all about the Milby Marching Thunder Band. So we have been working so hard to push ourselves to get back in shape. Also, we’ve been marching hard from last week to this week for the Houston Rodeo and Mardi Gras Parades this Saturday. But then there are people including me who have to make sure we have the time for class work and marching. So we have to pick up our knees to 90 degrees, learn our music and our battle cadence, and then we have to a very strong group and be “turned up.”

First, when we have practice we always have to pick up our knees at a 90 degree angle. Then we have to always be pumping and driving and make sure we are on step together. Also, there are a lot of people who like to walk and then that is when the band director gets mad. So when we have to march we always have to see what other people are doing like marching and if not then we are not going to be on step and that is going to make us march until we get it right.

Then, there are a whole bunch of people who don’t know their music yet and then they got permission to take their horns home and they still don’t. So how do they want to get better if they don’t take it home and practice? And then they come here and then they make excuses that they don’t know how to play the song. Also, we have to help each other to learn their music and the drum line- we always get together and practice our battle cadence. Then we practice on our form and then we go over all the cadence for an hour and a half to see if we cleaned them up.

Finally, we are going to go to two parades at the same time, so we got to be strong for that. Also, when they come up to us we have to be turned up when we have to do the “break-it-down” and get low and be fired up so we could “over-blast” and make a fool out of the other bands. So when we go against the biggest group (cause we only have a few people) then they want to battle the best band, they say we all go for it cause we like to have a challenge. Then we have to march three miles each parade and then battle before the parade or after because they come to us and we are always ready.

So with us The Milby Marching Thunder Band- those are the things we have to deal with when we are at the parades. So we have to give it our best on Saturday and be in shape and make sure everybody is coming. Then at practice we practice with knees at 90 degrees, learn our music and our battle cadence, and be strong and be turned up. But then we really want to battle other schools because we show them who is the best band in “SouthEast”. So thank you for your support and if y’all want to see us we’re going to the rodeo parade and Mardi Gras parade at night.


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