The New Milby by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

MILBY_It’s become that time of the year when all the teachers and students start discussing the schedule for next year, and how half of the building will be under construction. Most teachers even “half” to share a classroom with another teacher. Most students AND teachers are not happy with this.

The schedule for next year would be, classes are shorter coming in at 7:45 and leaving at 3:20. Sure that sounds nice but having to get up earlier than you already do, that sounds like a lot of work. The Monday schedule , or as most people call it “Rainbow Day” is going to be on Fridays now instead of Mondays.

There’s going to be teachers coming in, teachers leaving or retiring. The sport teams are moving in to a new division, competing against larger schools. About 25-30 teachers will be left wth no classrooms. Most see this as a bad thing. But rumors are they’re going to give us laptops , the new building is going to be way better. New fields for the teams , tennis courts etc. The freshmen now, by the time they’re seniors, they will have a whole new building! The building looks quite impressive in early renderings. But, Sophomore Makenly Ibarra wants another cafeteria: “This one is always crowded it sucks. They should make another one!” Almost everybody agrees with this.


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