Rights by Wendy Rodrigurez c/o 15

HOUSTON_While everyone who is part of the United States has the rights and opportunity to express themselves through our first amendment, freedom of speech, people in other countries are being arrested and fought against for going against what their government is doing.

We have the right to protest; we can do just about anything without it being illegal or taken as a threat. In Venezuela the anti-government protests have been going on for a while due to high inflation and, the very high crime rate. The protesters believe that they deserve better living conditions and they won’t back down now until they all reach an agreement with the country’s leader Nicolas Maduro. Many protesters have been killed by the police officials for taking part in this riot. Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez turned himself in during one of the protests infront of many witnesses in hope that the country would wake up and see their “unjust justice”. The death count is at around theĀ thousands including Venezuela, Thailand, Ukraine, and Russia, where several musicians were beaten publicly for singing protest songs during the Olympics.

This should make us appreciate the rights we have , because no matter how little we think of things there’s always someone who has even less than you.


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