Early Dismissal Pros & Cons by Damaris Montoya c/o 15

MILBY_Milby will be having early dismissal again next Wednesday, February 19th, 2014. The question is why are we having early dismissal again? It is because of something called a waiver, and it is more work for the teachers so they stay in school when there is early dismissal, and students just get a break. This allows students to do necessary things after school, or just go home and sleep because that is what every student loves to do.

Other people use their time to study, do their homework, or just enjoy the day with their family and friends. There would be more early dismissals coming up after that but due to the weather Houston had a few weeks ago we might have to make up for those days we missed. Of course students are mad about it because they wanted those early dismissals. HISD has said the make up days will be the April 18th Spring Holiday (Good Friday) and also May 26th (Memorial Day). Hopefully no more school gets canceled.

Coach Roberts said, “I love early dismissal because teachers have a chance to catch up with work and grading.”

On the other hand, parents don’t like when their kids have early dismissal because they work and they have no one to pick them up. When it’s cold and they don’t have a ride, students have to walk in the cold weather and they get sick. So early dismissal has its pros and cons.


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