Betrayal by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

HOUSTON_“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher! Life is already filled with those who want to bring you down.” In life, they say they are either your friends or your enemies but in reality a person can be both at the same time and you wouldn’t even know it.

“Friends” often turn out not to be your friends at all. Some back-stab you, take advantage of you, and betray you. They’ll talk about you behind your back and smile when they’re in front of your face. We mistake those people as friends sometimes simply because we urge to love and to be loved. Sometimes you can even recognize those who do so but choose to ignore it for the fact that you don’t want to believe that someone you were willing to do anything for would hurt you that way.

I know because I been through it so many times before that I’ve even gotten used to the fact that some people just don’t care about you. They’ll say they’re your friend just to use you when they need you but after that they wouldn’t think twice about hurting you. Not to discriminate but this often happens between a lots of girls relationships. Why? Because girls tend to envy each other and get jealous over dumb things that make them do things that are even dumber. That’s why some girls have more guy friends than girls, not because they choose that option but because they’re kind of driven into it.

Girls and guys’ relationships tend to be more successful because of the lack of hatefulness and because guys don’t really talk as much as girls do, at least the majority of them. Friends? So far many people have proven to me that there is no such things as friends, only associates. One in a million chances, you’ll find that one true friend who truly cares for you and loves you just as much as you love him/her. Nowadays you just have to choose carefully who you trust and open up to because chances are they act like they care only to later on secretly hurt you. And that’s the sad truth. 

“Your enemies could be your best friends; your best friends, your worst enemies. So who the cap fit- let them wear it!” -Bob Marley


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