Milby Boys Soccer Update by Maynor Gutierrez c/o 14

MILBY_Why does the Milby boys soccer team keep losing their games?

That’s the question everybody keeps asking. They are having a horrible season with one win, two tied, and three lost. The ones who are more disappointed about this are the seniors because they really want to go to playoffs this year since is their last year of high school. But they don’t have answers to this question, they are making big mistakes and they are trying hard to fix them.

The first round of this season is going to finish today, Tuesday February 11, 2014 vs. Sharpstown High School at Butler Stadium. Everybody is excited about this game because they hope to win and not lose another game.

Junior defender Osman Saenz said “to win this game we have to be positive and try our best, we don’t want negative people on the field or screaming each other, I have hope for my team.” But the guys don’t lose hope and they think they are going to make it to playoffs they said that the second round is going to be better for them. The Milby girls meanwhile have enjoyed success, winning four games and tying twice, having not lost yet.

Everybody is thinking that this is the year for our boys to make it to playoffs because next year all the seniors are leaving and Milby is going to be in 6A. Support the boys today at Butler at 6:30pm. Go Buffs.


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