“Dead to You” Book Review by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

MILBY_Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you were to live someone else’s life? I don’t mean imagining the life of a superstar because we can all fantasize about that. I mean putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

People tend to take for granted what they have because they’re too busy complaining about what they don’t have. Well what if instead you lived the life of a person who has less than you? Would it take that much just so you can realize how good you have it? You might not have the best life but everyone goes through some downfalls.

I read a book called “Dead to You” by Lisa McMann, and it literally took me only a couple of hours to finish the whole book. Perhaps it was because I was sucked in to the amazing story told by a boy who was abducted and later on reunited with the people who he thought was his family. He was so convinced that was the lovely family he was missing because his abductor was such a poor mother figure. The abductor in this case was a woman who never harmed the boy but yet didn’t take care of him well enough.

Eventually she abandoned him and he ran from a youth home to later on be found by CPS and was put with a caring family who they thought was their lost son. Sadly, it turned out that at the end their real lost son had died and this poor boy was simply lost all over again. Though the point is that he wanted to believe that was his real family real badly because he had never had one before, at least not that he could remember.

Throughout the story the boy, his new “brother” and “father” go out to the movies for a guys’ night out. It was at that moment that the once lost boy who was found realized how incredible the feeling was to have a father figure and do fatherly and son things. His brother however didn’t think of it as anything important but if only he knew what it felt to not have that like the boy did. If only he knew how it felt to be lost and alone out in the streets only depending on yourself for survival. Some of us are born lucky while others don’t have the same luck. It’s sad truly but that’s why we must stop and appreciate the beautiful blessedly life we have remembering that others are wishing they lived the life we do.


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