Houston Weather Update by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

HOUSTON_HISD has cancelled school twice this semester because of the “extreme weather” and because it was supposed to “snow.” It hasn’t snowed in Houston for years. And it never even snowed!

Sophomore Paul Benavides said, “I don’t even care if it snows or not, at least they cancelled school!” Most of the students I interviewed told me they hate this kind of weather. And half of them are pissed because it’s “Cuddle Season” and they have no one to cuddle with except their pet. “I like the cold weather. But I hate how it’s too cold I can’t even type or move my hands!” said sophomore Olivia Solis.

Living in Houston is like having all four seasons in one week. It’s sunny one day, cold the next, raining the next day, and then goes back to really cold. In my opinion I hate having all four seasons in one week. It messes with your mind! All this week the lows and highs are 30’s and 40’s. And about 30% precipitation.

Although we could have it worse like people in Chicago and New York. They can’t even go outside their houses because they’re snowed in. Or they have no power for days. Sometimes living in a place where you don’t get a lot of snow and having all seasons in one week is sometimes the best.


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