Game Review: “GTA V” by Nathan & Pedro Escobedo c/o 17

MILBY_Where can I begin talking about the amazing legacy of the Grand Theft Auto series? Do you start with the vast yet beautiful open world? Even how you have the power to switch among three fascinating characters? GTA has nothing but the greatest to offer. Or perhaps you go straight into the story mode, but if you’re like me just go make chaos in the biggest map a game has ever had.

Your main three guys are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Michael is the go-to guy in this game. He is a former bank robber, drug dealer and about everything in between. Franklin is reintroducing himself in “GTA 5”. He was the typical gang-banger in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. Now he is coming back to perform numerous heists with the team you (the player) choose to have. This man is crazy. Take a second and think of the meanest, scariest, thing you have seen. Times that by a hundred and now you got Trevor. He was a former friend of Michael, until he got screwed over by him.

The map is the best setup I have ever seen. It looks like each player has their own world. Trevor is out cast into Blaine County, practically a deserted wasteland. As for his old pal Michael, he is living it up in Los Santos (Rock Star Game’s version of Los Angeles). Yet on the other side of the rich homes are the ghetto ones. Michael’s dearest friend is Franklin.

The gameplay is a five out of five, critics say. Online is always packed with thousands of players waiting to explore the new world. Los Santos will leave you with a whole bunch of psychological scars but you are going to go back and keep playing.

We highly recommend this video game.


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