Milby Marching Thunder Band Update by Joel Briagas c/o 17

MILBY_Well I just want to take this time to talk to y’all about the Milby Marching Thunder Band. I just want to say that I am really proud to be in the Milby High School band. There are so many events that are coming up. There is the Rodeo parade the same day as Mardi Gras parade- aren’t y’all going to get tired? Well we are going to motivate each other, come to practice every single day, and also give it our 100% in practice everyday.

First, when we are going to pull this off we need to motivate each other to keep going the extra mile. Like helping people with their work and making sure they’re are passing their classes. Then when it comes to practice we got to push ourselves to help others and motivate them that they can do it. Like we are a family in the marching band and we always care and help others. But when someone has problems we are always going to give advice that could help him with the problems.

Then, there are so many people that don’t come to Marching Band nor Drumline practice. So that’s the thing that gets the band director mad, and when they come to practice they get mad cause the band director gets after them. Also we have Marching Band and like there are going to be two parades on the same day. So that’s why we need to be at practice every single day so we can get used to it already so when it is time we will be ready. Then if we have to go to their house and drag them here to practice before the real deal then we would or tell them to come to practice.

Finally, when we have practice there are people who give it their 100% and there are people who don’t care and don’t give much or give half of what we need. Also, we need to be giving the band director the credit for helping us do the and giving all their best to get us to the top spot, #1. So like the Drumline we have to give it the most cause in the parade we don’t stop playing we keep on going without stopping. Then we need to stop slacking and keep hope that we could be pumping and driving like we were taught. Also never say that you can’t do it cause you can but you just want to be lazy and give up quickly and you’re going to use that tool of excuses and you will never succeed at anything.

We will give our best at the parade and practice. So if you want to come see us the parade is March 1st downtown. But until then we have to motivate each other, come to practice every single day, and also give it our 100% at practice and anywhere else. So thank you and I’ll keep y’all updated on the Milby Marching Thunder Band. Have a nice buffalo day.


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