“Snow” Down South by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

HOUSTON_It was snowing in Houston! Well not quite, but it was extremely cold compared to what the locals are used to bearing through around winter time.

School districts cancelled certain school days due to the severe weather we were having.  There was a thin layer of ice that sprinkled down on everything outdoors, not snow but, many people enjoyed “ice ball” fights. The weather was wild all over the country. People down in the south were going crazy over the few centimeters of ice that was raining down on us, people up North were probably finding a quick laugh at this madness over ice when they’ve been up and around inches of snow.

Over in Atlanta, Georgia , people were stuck in their cars or workplaces due to the lack of coordinated evacuation procedures. Some kids had to sleep in their schools and school buses because there was no way of driving out of the slippery iced roads. The state doesn’t know who to blame yet. Was it the mayor?  Or was it the weather?

Just thank god that there wasn’t as many accidents as they were predicted. While some were stuck in this endless traffic others were at home snuggled up next to the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and watching TV. All we know is that this years’ weather has been crazy and all over the place, one day it’s hot the next it’s freezing. We’d like to go by what the forecasters advise us, but they’re not always on point so just wing it but stay prepared for anything that could happen.


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