New Year, New Me by Jacqueline Perez c/o 14

HOUSTON_”New Year, new me”, tired of hearing this cliché? Well it’s not going anywhere as the New Year 2014 is here and everyone is trying to make changes for the better.

Whether it’s something simple like having more quality time with family and friends, or something like stopping smoking, everyone has their own resolution. I see the New Year as an opportunity to begin fresh and become who you want to be, the change begins when you make the decision to take action. Perhaps those who don’t like your new resolutions aren’t happy with themselves or their lives. I think the world is full of second chances and it’s never too late to change, right? Whatever it is that you want to do or change you should focus on it is because the time will fly by regardless, so you might as well accomplish your goals.

I’ve heard many people talk about getting healthier or maybe even losing weight. The commercials are saturated with weight loss treatments, surgeries, pills, exercise machines, etc. because those companies know many Americans struggle with obesity and they want to change that. I personally think those are not the best solutions to a healthier life but whatever works, works.

I’ve also heard many adults that live alone saying that they wish to save money the easiest way to do this I believe is to call all of your providers and ask for better deals or pretend you’re dropping their service for another company and they will change your plan in a heartbeat for example my dad called T-Mobile and said our phone bill was too high and immediately they changed our plan to a newer plan. Now we save about $100 a month for our four lines. It’s in your best interest to call because these companies care less whether you pay more or less for the same services.

Traveling is also in many peoples resolutions; I think if you maintain a tight budget and save, everyone can at least travel once a year. My family last year took a trip to Florida: my mom bought a family packet that included the flight, hotel and entrances to several of the Disney parks. It took a lot of planning and saving but we made it happen. Now if you don’t have a family it’s much cheaper to travel.

Better grades are also in many students’ New Year resolutions; I think the best way to improve grades is to not procrastinate and to get to assignments as soon as possible also maybe finding better study methods that work for you. Whatever your goals maybe just remember that determination and consistency are the keys to success. Discipline is also a must to achieve something you might see as a challenge. We are only in the third week of the year you can continue to fight for your goals and if you’ve given up you can choose to stand up and go for it one more time!


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