Bad Diet by Jacqueline Perez c/o 14

MILBY_Milby High school stands in the southeast side of Houston, a not so diverse community where the majority of people are Hispanic. Many students leave campus for lunch since our junior and senior classes have off campus lunch and it’s one hour long. A majority of students eat out and are making very poor decisions by taking in fast food on a regular basis.

The restaurants that surround Milby High School are Burger King, Rice’s an unauthentic fast food Chinese restaurant, a Mexican food stand, and Little Caesar’s. I’ve noticed that as soon as the bell ring students literally run to these fast food places, but what the real concern is what theses high calorie foods are doing to their bodies. Are these students aware of the consequences are for having such poor diets? I believe many don’t even realize the poison they are eating.

I wonder if there was a healthy/organic oriented restaurant across the street if students would be interested in consuming such whole foods. Perhaps we should have a program to teach students about nutrition and the things that are not good for your body. Many Hispanics are unaware and I might say also a bit ignorant about nutrition and habits. Gladly someone is taking action in this campus Mr. Brown the culinary arts teacher has a “Café” in his room opened to students where healthy snacks are being sold like fresh fruits, water, milk, apple juice, granola bars, low fat crackers, low sugar cereal, real fruit gummies, trail mix, and more.

We can only inform someone so much but at the end of the day is the student who chooses what to eat. I’m glad that we have one such opportunity of having healthy options in case of anything but I personally refuse to eat fast food I find it healthier to bring my own lunch to school on a daily basis. Hopefully something is done soon to raise awareness before its too late and many teenagers develop health issues as they develop into young adults. I can say obesity and diabetes are very common among Hispanics and it’s very unfortunate  for someone to suffer through these due to the lack of knowledge.


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