MLK Holiday by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

MILBY_Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who fought for rights and justice. Most people don’t see the meaning behind the MLK Holiday. Most people at Milby High School see it as a “Three Day Weekend” as Lucia Garcia says it.

This year, the holiday has fallen on January 20th, 2014. Meaning Friday night, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off. “That sounds so nice I can finally sleep and stay up as long as I want too,” said Galilea Hernandez. Most of the students I interviewed are really excited to not see the same faces every day and not do work. Like me for example. I’m more excited to not see the people who annoy me.

But other students don’t want to stay home. They want to come to school and would rather be here than bored at home. That seems to be the problem nowadays. Every student is bored without the company of others or they just don’t care about the holiday unless they don’t go to school. It’s actually a shame that people still ask who Martin Luther King was. Or what he did. Nowadays all you actually have to do is just Google his name and that’s it. Most don’t know why he fought for rights and justice. Or why he was assassinated.

A lot of students just complain about not being able to come to school because they’re bored on holidays. And most students just don’t care about it. They demand respect yet they can’t even respect one simple man who changed everything.


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