First Blood Drive of 2014 by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

MILBY_The first blood drive of 2014 was a big success- this program managed to save over one-hundred lives according to the amount of blood collected. Most people don’t understand what the HOSA program really is about. I took the time to get a short summary of the program, what it’s about and what it does for others.

HOSA is Health Occupation Students of America and basically what it does is help students who know their career is destined to be in health care, it helps them get a head start on their future careers. The students learn many things, from identifying basic forms of bacteria to complex medical terminology. Being a club that revolves around helping people they do give back to the community in any way they can from book drives to pennies for patients all the way to encouraging students to give blood and help save lives.

The students are made to sign in before they actually donate blood, you’ll have to take a quick quiz about personal information then proceed to the nurses’ for a physical check where after that they decide whether or not you can donate blood. There’s really not much to it, the waiting in line is what takes up most of your time. With nurses working back to back every person waiting to donate blood got their turn gripping the stress smiley faced ball. The nurses were very pleasant and encouraged those who wanted to donate blood but were a little nervous this being their first time.

Seeing everyone interacting with each other in their own working field was pretty cool, you had the opportunity to see how things are done step by step. People were treated with the most amiable attitude and were treated to a drink and snack afterwards. The fact that the majority of the people who choose to work in the medical field and help people by making their health better is quite touching. 


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