Drugs & Violence by Joshua Ramirez c/o 15

HOUSTON_Violence and drugs are the most known words in America. Every day there’s violence,and everyday there’s people using drugs. For instance marijuana, heroin, meth, acid, bath salt, pills, and cocaine- it just goes on and on.

Violence can be used in many ways. Violence has been going on for centuries. It’s not new to us as we’ve been around it forever as humans, and some have been involved in it. America has not done anything to prevent violence.

We still have gun stores, weapons and basically America is a gang. Police cause violence too, everyday we’re surrounded by it. Drugs: people abuse them, sell them, cook them, and eat them. Drugs are dangerous, it’s life threatening. It’s addicting, it changes your looks, it messes up your life basically.

There’s no positive thing about it, it’s also an everyday thing. And we are also surrounded by it. it’s not worth it to end up doing time just for having possession of it. Some people don’t think before they do something, and that’s a major problem in the world. With violence and drugs combined it’s even worse.

There’s a Mexican drug war going on right now, and the “cartels”. They’re even using the social media for their actions. Very dangerous people need to start focusing and not get caught up in the cartel violence. There’s changes that need to be made and if these changes are not going to happen then it will just continue on forever.

Violence and drugs is effecting the community everyday. It’s not worth it, it’s just a waste of time and life. Just think about it, is it worth going to jail over a pill?No. People tend to abuse it anyway. Abusing drugs is abusing yourself.

I’ve witnessed people using and everything.think before you do something, God gave us a brain, we have to think and use our heads. It’s very very simple to just say no to violence and drugs, very simple but of course you got the crash dummies. You got gangs, and gangs are everywhere here in Houston. The government is a gang, police, they have police badges, guns, and sometimes have representatives of gangs among them. Gangs are also effecting our everyday life.

Gang banging can effect little kids, if they see it or are surrounded by it then they’re going to be like them. The U.S. wants to stop it all, but we aren’t doing anything but leading users and gang members on, and in my opinion hopefully one day in the future we will find peace again, but for now we have to learn from those people’s actions and mistakes and hope they’re not making the choices they did. They’re just crash dummies, and we’re just watching them mess up,and tell yourself that ain’t going to work. So stay away from violence and drugs, and think before you do something.


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