40 School Days Until Spring Break! by Angela Lara c/o 16

MILBY_Spring Break is right around the corner! What will you be doing this break? There are only 40 school days until our week off in March.

How will you spend your spring break this year? Esmeralda Barrera, a current sophomore from Milby High School says, “This spring break I will be visiting my family and friends in Atlanta. And I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun before school starts again.”

Freshman Nathan Escobedo is going on a cruise with his family to the Bahamas, while sophomore Cristina Briagas will be heading to a little town in Louisiana to visit family. Senior Maynor Gutierrez plans on taking a road trip to Florida, if he saves enough money in time.

While some students are visiting family and friends, others decide to stay home and relax before having to go to school and deal with all the testing.

There are so many ways to spend your spring break. Instead of having to stay home and do nothing, students can also volunteer and help out others. Something so small can make a huge difference. Maybe just helping out cleaning a park can make a big difference in your community. It can be a great experience for many. You can meet new people and have fun while you do something important.

However you spend your spring break make sure you have fun! And study for at least a little bit for all those tests coming up when you go back to school.


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