Redemption: “R.I.P.D.” DVD Review by Cesar Espinoza c/o 14

HOUSTON_The movie “R.I.P.D.” (Rest in Peace Department) was recently released on DVD. “R.I.P.D.” was directed by Robert Sckwentke. He also produced along with the head producer of the movie Neal H. Moritz.

The plot was about a detective from the Boston Police Department Nick Walker who is going to go on a drug bust with his partner Bobby Hayes. After completing their bust, they find some gold that Nick tries to keep secret from his girlfriend Julia. Nick then informs Bobby he wants to return the gold because of his regret of keeping it. Later during a shootout at another raid in a warehouse Bobby guns down our protagonist Nick.

After Nick dies he rises towards the heavens and shows up in a room with an agent form the R.I.P.D. They know of him being part crooked cop. So for him to not get sent to hell they make a deal for him to work with them to catch people who escape from being caught by the R.I.P.D. called “deados”. Later “Deados” break into the vault which had the sacred gold that will be built to create a tower the will bring “deados” back to earth. The tower is finally put together by the leader of the deados, Bobby, who was really a deado all along.

Nick and his new partner Roy Pulsipher an ex-U.S. marshal from the 1800’s. He must stop the process of the deados taking over. After their success, they continue to protect Boston.

As a review of the story line of R.I.P.D. I think it was pretty great. In the beginning it started off kind of slow but then jumps into the plot rather quick. It starts to get interesting when the audience would see Nick and Roy do the investigating for the search for the deados and search for the gold. I mainly like the plot twist on how his best friend was actually a deado in the end.

As for the graphics and special effects in the movie, I thought they were okay. The way they made the deados look was pretty interesting. Some were way different than the others. It seems that in the movie they show some hints about how they died. Like the first deado. He seemed to be a snitch so his jaw was broken. Also for Pulaski, who becomes really fat, so as for my guess dies from gluttony. The detail that was put into them looks obviously unreal but looks great in the weird monstrous way they were created.

As for my final thoughts of the movies it was nice and thought out and the graphic effects were weak but cool and interesting so if I had to rank it, it would be a 4 star rental worth your time. If you’ve seen this movie, please leave your thoughts and comments below.


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