The Life You Live by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

MILBY_Many people don’t realize this, but family relations affect a child’s life drastically. “It takes a whole village to raise a child” happens to be a really famous quote because it causes people to think about how a child should be raised.

If you grew up in the streets you are more likely to stay there because you never had someone inspire you to do better. In this case it becomes far more serious once the child becomes an adult or better yet, a young adult. If a child is raised with all the necessities needed to grow up into a fine young man or woman, high school might just be a little bit easier for them. I happen to be very blessed and fortunate to have all the opportunities my parents didn’t, but that is because they made it happen for me! My parents went out of their way and worked really hard so I wouldn’t have to go through what they went through. They put themselves to the side and thought about what was best for me and did everything in their power so that I would have the good life I have today.

Other kids on the other hand weren’t so fortunate to say the same. I actually know a couple of students who don’t have the love and support of their parents. They were neglected either because the parents had no other choice but to be working all the time just to make ends meet, or because they simply didn’t care. Of course, most adults don’t believe in stopping to think about what a student has gone through or is going through at home to be acting in such way at school. Although, I have met some caring teachers at Milby who do consider the reasons why a child is brought up differently and most of them do take the time to try and understand.

Just because I was raised in a good home doesn’t mean everyone was, and just because I have respect for my elders doesn’t mean every kid was raised to have that respect. Maybe it’s not so much that they’re being rude, but actually it’s an outcry to get people to listen and actually pay attention to them. That still doesn’t mean that a kid should continue to be ignored at school as well- and gladly we have teachers like Mr. Roberts, Ms. Crego,  Mr. Guerrero, Ms. Wallace and Mr. Rene who have showed me that there is hope to better your life. So, thank you all.  


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