Deaf Life by Jaclyn Dueñez c/o 14

MILBY_Imagine going through the world without being able to hear a sound. Can you just imagine the frustration and insecurity of the people who actually have to live their life that way? Deaf kids and adults are not only different but special because they get to view life in a completely different manner.

In my opinion, I believe deaf people appreciate life just a little bit more than us who are fortunate enough to have the sense of hearing. They might miss out on music, which happens to be extremely popular around the world for its ability to create feelings and they might not be able to hear the sounds of nature but they do get to see, and I mean really see the world.

Their disability actually gave them a much finer opportunity to view the world for what it really is. If you couldn’t hear or speak, your other senses such as touching, smelling, and seeing would automatically become more advanced. Since you’re limited to other opportunities, you tend to be more appreciative of what you do have or can do.

In fact, I believe it’s been proven that deaf people are better drivers because they are so focused on the road and alert of their surroundings. Music is something shared and universal but it also happens to be a distraction when operating a vehicle and the noise is too loud. The same reason is why deaf people are more aware of their environment. Their lack of hearing gives them a more powerful sense of not only for looking but seeing things and seeing the world in a way hearing people cannot relate. It takes patience and strength to learn to live this way while everyone else around you lives a different life than you but it does make you appreciate life as it is. 


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