Couples at Milby by Keila Sanchez c/o 14

MILBY_One never fails to see a couple kissing in Milby’s hallways. One can turn to any hallway or stairway and a couple will be there just wasting the seven minutes that we are so lucky to have to go to class. Some of the couples also waste instructional class time by leaving class claiming they’re going to the restroom and taking such a long time to come back. Not only are they affecting their education, but also someone’s bladder for those who actually had to go use the restroom.

“Some of these couples act like it’s the last time they will ever see their mate,” said a fellow senior. They kiss with such passion, stare at each other’s eyes, and giggle for no particular reason. I understand that their young and in love, but is that not awkward to be kissing someone while so many people pass by? Seriously, traffic in the hallways is created because some of the couples think it’s so cute to be in the middle of the hallway.

These couples see each other four times to go to their next period, seven times on Mondays, they have an hour lunch together, plus they see each other before and after school. This is more than enough time to be leaving during instructional class time. It’s frustrating having to wait for the hall pass to get back in order to go to restroom because some of these couples feel like they don’t see each enough and feel the need to kiss each other again. We have an hour lunch, is that not enough time; don’t y’all get tired of seeing each other sometimes? Plus many of these couples see each other during the weekend, that’s literally a whole 24 hours with each other!

Don’t ruin your education for someone. All these detentions could be prevented if you just go to class on time; we have more than enough time to go to our next class period, please use your time wisely. Love doesn’t pay the bills, your education will, so stay focused.


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