Water Buffaloes Prepare for Competition by Michelle Mejia c/o 14

MILBY_Milby swimmers prepare for their upcoming meet at Lamar High School on Friday December 06, 2013. Milby will be competing against Reagan, Davis, Bellaire, Waltrip, and Chavez High School. The swimming girls have practiced vigorously to earn first place, but will all the practice be worth it?

There were swimmers who were thrilled to compete with these schools like Senior Tiffanie Gutierrez. She exclaimed, “I’m excited to compete with many schools that will make it more of a challenge to compete!” The swimming team usually competes with two or three schools per competition. This competition had a variety of schools that will challenge swimmers to try their best. Gutierrez was assigned to 100 m freestyle which consisted of four laps of swimming and obtained seventh place. She was also assigned to the 200 m relay which consisted of four girls (seniors Cecilia Maldonado, Jacqueline Perez, Michelle Mejia, and including herself in which they earned third place). Although, Tiffanie tried her best she acquired points for the girl’s team to at least try to attain first place overall.

Milby had a competition on the same week with Bush and Hightower High School on Tuesday December 03, 2013. Some swimmers were tired like senior Veronica Salas who mentioned, “I’m too tired to compete due to the fact that we had a competition on the same week.” Veronica competed in the 50 m butterfly in which she earned third place. Salas put in effort to win points for the team and she did. She tried her best like many other swimmers to earn the title of first place.

Swimming isn’t just fun and games. Many swimmers practice to build endurance and strength to be the best. Although, some swimmers were enthusiastic about competing, there were some who were afraid. Swimmer senior Isabel Ortega said, “I was nervous throughout the whole competition because of something bad happening.” Usually what swimmers fear the most about competing is when diving and their goggles falling off or being last place. In this case, all the nervousness that was building up in Isabel’s body was because she didn’t want to earn last place. Ortega competed in the 50 m butterfly with former teammate Veronica Salas and an opponent from Chavez High School. As the girls battled for first place, in the end Ortega earned second place. She was satisfied with second because she didn’t place last. Ortega felt joyful due to the fact that she earned points for the team.

Our Lady Buffs put power and stability to earn the title of first place. They swam as fast as they can to defeat their opponents. Unfortunately, the girls team earned 3rd place overall. It was better than placing last, but they did an outstanding performance. Many girls said they’ll practice harder and longer to be better. However, our lady buffs are still champions within and will keep trying. #GoLadyBuffs


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