The Media & Us by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

HOUSTON_The media affects everyone in a positive or negative way. Either way the media has control over society.
By “media” I mean magazines, TV, movies, and celebrities. The media influences people into believing that they should be, look, and/or live a certain way. People who have cable TV watch over 8 hours of television…per day.
Media affects the way we see the world and interact with one another. The most important events that happen worldwide are usually covered up or taken the attention away from by some sort of silly article about a celebrity. The media decides what we should know about the events going on in the world. Not only does the media influence how we feel about others but ourselves, and it can have both a negative and positive impact on a person. People think everyone’s supposed to look like a flawless human being therefore making you think if you are anything but perfect, you don’t fit in.
Although each person does have free will, most look to the media, especially teenagers. Teenagers are the most influenced and affected by the media I would say. Celebrities are a big part of the media by starring in movies, TV shows, and in commercials. Most people see their favorite celebrity advertising certain clothes in an ad, and surprisingly feel the urge to own what the celebrity is endorsing.
People will assimilate to anything, it’s normal I suppose but the fact that they’re practically being forced to feel as if they should be a specific way is spiteful. I think more people need to stick to what they want instead of falling for all of the media’s propaganda.

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