“A Christmas Carol” Performance a Success by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

MILBY_”A Christmas Carol” is known for the famous Scrooge “ranting” about the happiness and cheeriness of Christmas. Yesterday, December 5th Milby High School had a play produced by Mrs. Green, our theater teacher during 5th period & after school at 6pm. It was a success.

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens was a program that all the Theater Arts classes such as Dance, Choir & Theater participated in to bring a whole show together. While everyone was running around backstage to try and get themselves together (me too since I’m part of the choir). We gave the students a taste of what would be coming after school, and most people liked it. “It was nice? Not to mention free passes from class and no work? But I really liked it. If I had a ride , I would come to watch the whole play,” said sophomore Olivia Solis.

People were running around backstage trying not to make noise after school for the whole production to start, and Mrs. Green was so nervous that when I told her to take a breath , she said “I haven’t taken a breath all day!” Everything came together so nicely you would think everyone was a professional for how thing were coming together even if our Scrooge stepped up with out knowing the lines. 

Being backstage have you this rush of knowing how it feels like to be in something for the school. “It’s okay to be nervous , because if you weren’t , there would be something wrong because everyone gets nervous for almost everything,” said Mr. Hughes who was trying to calm everyone down backstage. It was a fun experience and if you missed out on it you should come back next year!


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