Houston Texans Struggling by Joshua Ramirez c/o 15

HOUSTON_The Houston Texans record is 2-9, and that to me is not a record that looks like the Texans. They haven’t been winning games, they just lost to the one of the sorriest teams in the NFL which was the Jaguars. Kubiak isn’t doing his job right, mixing up the plays and our star players are getting injured. In my opinion I think this might be Kubiak and Texans starting quarterback Matt Schaub’s last season with Houston. But now they put in a rookie coming out of the University of Houston named Case Keenum. Now every since they took Schaub out and put Keenum in as starting quarterback, he has been improving with his ball handling and throwing. But still the Texans can’t come up with a win.

      It’s time for a new coach and a new quarterback, because it seems to me  like they haven’t been improving lately. We only have two main players on our team, and that’s wide receiver Andre Johnson and defensive end JJ Watt. If you ask me those players should stay with Houston until they retire. Getting rid of safety Ed Reed was a smart move because the man was supposed to be the star of the team, but even he wasn’t improving. The Houston Texans needs to snap out if it, and start winning games.

  Now our next game is against one of the best teams in the NFL the New England Patriots. In my opinion that will be a loss, and isn’t even worth watching but again- who knows what will happen in that game? Maybe they will win against New England, and if they don’t make dumb play calls, who knows? That’s just my opinion.

    Basically Houston just wants the old Houston Texans back from their successful season last year. But maybe next season they will be better, more focused, with a new coach and Case Keenum as the new starting quarterback for the Texans. Now that will be a season to watch in my opinion. Hopefully they will come up with wins and (hopefully!) hopefully make it to the their first Super Bowl. I have faith in this team, we just need to be on top again, and Houston will be happy. But for now we just need new changes and better play calls. Because like I said they aren’t doing good at all right about now. Time to wake up Houston.

                LET’S GO TEXANS!


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