Early Dismissal by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

MILBY_How good does it feel to just be able to go to three classes on an early dismissal day? You’re able to get out at 12:46, a weird time I know. But freshman Javier Escobedo says “It’s the best- I love going home and going to sleep!” 

Last school year we only had a couple of early dismissal days, but now we have one almost every month. “It’s a good feeling you know, being able to leave and just going home and sleeping or eating,” says sophomore Olivia Solis. Most students see it as the best thing in the world besides NOT coming to school. I know I do enjoy getting home and going back to sleep, especially when it’s cold weather like it is now. 

But there are other students who would rather not go home early and stay in school: “I’d rather stay at school and just catch up on my studying for tests , or sometimes I have to stay for a sport, I can’t be upsetting my coach,” says sophomore Kevin Ortiz. Most students just don’t want to go home and go out with friends, eat, or go to the mall or just hang out with someone. 

Most parents don’t even know their children get out of school early, which is why Milby calls a couple of days before and the day before to let parents know, but their parents don’t even pick up the phone anymore! If you want to know what’s going on with your child you have to at least keep up with the school, and come up once in a while. 

At Milby, it’s usually a 50/50 on whether students like early dismissal, as most don’t have anything to do and would rather just stay at school with their friends.


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