Boys Soccer Tryouts by Maynor Gutierrez c/o 14

MILBY_The Milby soccer team is looking forward this year to making it to playoffs, so they are looking for people with talent and who are passing their classes.

Coach Doherty is having tryouts the week after Thanksgiving break, and everybody is welcome to participate in the tryouts. We don’t know what specific things they are going to do but please come prepared and bring your last report card, the paper work, running shoes and cleats. We don’t want negative people, no Cristiano Ronaldos that don’t pass the ball; we want people that pass the ball , that they really want to make it to playoffs- we don’t accept lazy players or players that like to fight or who get mad fast.

Another thing is if you really want to make it to varsity team you don’t need to be scared of anybody- you have to go hard. Marco Rodriguez said, “I made it to varsity in 10th grade and it was really hard, at the time the coach was Mr. Ortegon so it was really hard to make it to varsity. I tried my best and the important thing was not be afraid of the other varsity players.” Good luck to all the students that will be participating in the tryouts.


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