Houston Weather by Yolanda DeLeon c/o 16

HOUSTON_Houston’s  weather  has  changed  from  hot  blazing  sun  to  cold  breezy  temperatures.
Cold  weather  is  nice  for  a  change,  but  I’m  sure  everyone  would  probably  enjoy  it  more  if  we  could  stay  warm  and cuddled  up  with  our  blankets  in  bed.  There’s  both  pro’s  and  con’s  due  to  the  weather  changing.  One con  I’m sure  you  can  agree  on  would  be  people  becoming  ill. Houston’s  weather  is  so  unpredictable,  one  day  it’s  sunny  out  then  the  next  minute  everything   is  cold.  And  with  that  being  said,  that’s  the  big  problem;  our  weather  is  constantly  changing.  No  one  ever  knows  what  to  expect  exactly  how  the  weather  will  be  for  that  day,  because  weather is  almost  always  changing;  but  for  one  thing  people  take  great  precaution.
 Even  my  school’s  classroom  temperatures  are  indecisive! No  one  knows  what  to  expect  until  you  walk  through  the  doors.  The  building  is  humid  one  day  and  then  it’s freezing  cold  the  other.
But either  way  weather  has  a mind  of  its  own  and  we  can’t  control  it,  although  we  sure  can  be prepared  and  avoid  harsh  weather.
So  remember  always  to  pack  an  extra  sweater,  umbrella,  or  even  short  sleeves  because  Houston’s weather  is  a constant  game  of  guess,  never  knowing  what’s next.

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