Weather at Milby by Priscilla Arroyo c/o 16

MILBY_Sweating one day , freezing the rest of the week. That’s how it’s like at Milby High School. Or as sophomore Olivia Solis likes to call it , “Weather at Milby.”

There are days where it’s humid outside and you expect to walk into school and expect fresh air , when in reality you get hot air. Or it’s freezing outside and you expect warm air inside and it’s freezing as well! I asked several students and they hate it: “It’s like the air conditioner is bipolar!” Says sophomore Alejandra Limon. And it’s true , well rumors around Milby say that it’s only because the big “lifesavers” (A/c units) that are outside, only one will work. Out of three. It’s horrible. Very horrible.

There are those day where you expect just nice fresh air , and you get freezing , horrible cold air when you walk in to one of your class rooms. And when the bell rings you’re glad you’re out, but when you get to your next class , it’s sweating hot and it feels like your suffocating on your own breath. “I’m glad they’re rebuilding the school so we can fix this problem , but it sucks that we aren’t going to be here anymore since we’re going to graduate.” Says sophomore Olivia Solis.

Most students want to do a petition , to tell Mr. De La Garza if we could fix this problem , because most people , like me are sick due to the fact that we come inside from freezing our butts outside and it’s even more cold in school than outside ! We should stand up and let him know that we need to fix this ! But when we come to doing it , everyone backs out? I mean, if you want to keep suffering , don’t say anything.


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