Soccer Season Draws Closer by Damaris Montoya c/o 15

MILBY_Soccer season keeps getting closer and closer each day. On December the second is when all the soccer girls have to start staying after school to practice and get ready for the season.

This is the first year a lot of girls are joining soccer. I feel like we have a good team and that we’re going to do great. By running everyday and doing the activities we’re doing at the moment will help us get stronger and better at what we’re weak at.

One of the soccer girls, senior Cecilia Rodriguez said, “We need more practice to have a better team.” One of our coaches, Coach Puente said, “If everyone stays after school to practice y’all do great but they’re some girls that are really lazy that don’t like to do anything.” I think all the girls need to put their all on practice and just try their best at it so we can have a great season and not regret anything about it.

Junior Jessica Jaimes said, “Every girl needs to try their best to have a great outcome on the field.” It would be good to also practice on the days we don’t practice at school, for example during the weekends or holidays, with Thanksgiving coming up. That would be good because you feel good after practicing and do not lose form. This season varsity and jv will beat all the schools for putting their all on the field and never giving up. District play begins next semester. #GoLadyBuffs


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