Prejudice in America by Jacqueline Perez c/o 14

MILBY_Prejudice, a simple action that can lead to severe issues. Why do we have the tendency to judge someone on our first glance our eyes take?  It’s inevitable and with no reasoning.

It is irrational to judge someone based on appearance. A person’s age, skin color, height, weight, social class, religious beliefs, disabilities nor ethnicity should be the priorities of society and what great of person you are is not determined by what you look like or by what you posses.

Constantly we go criticizing and it seems to be vital to those people that live in ignorance. People judge you at work, school, church, in stores perhaps even in your own home. It’s like a virus with no vaccine. Where are the morals? Have we lost our ethics? Where are the educated? The nation’s tolerance and ignorance has led this harsh criticism and judging into suicides nationwide.

Teen suicide has become the norm. Its common, its normal among youth, it happens. Perhaps it’s stupid to Anglos who have never been asked if they speak English, for those models that have never been called ugly, for those Catholics that have never been called a greedy Jew, for those whites that have never been called Negros, for those citizens that have never been called illegal aliens, for those heterosexuals that have never been called fagots, for those skinny people that have never been called fat. And every morning when I wake up I ask myself, will I be judged today?

Why is it that my parents are American citizens and yet I’m not socially considered American? I get judged by the Latino community for not knowing proper Spanish and by Americans for not being American enough. Being judged on a daily basis has certainly not increased people’s confidence. We should make people feel wanted, accepted and welcomed. People should feel guilt for judging, laughing, pointing, talking, whispering and staring. These people that are being constantly bullied feel like mousse trapped in mazes. It affects them quite a bit, to the point where they might even question their life. We should stop this; I don’t like knowing that there are teens that cry themselves to sleep because they feel unwanted. It ought to change.

Can we educate our children to have respect, high values, morals and manners? Preteens, teens and young adults shouldn’t have to feel unaccepted because they don’t fit the standards. We shouldn’t have to feel rejected just because we don’t own such luxuries. Kids shouldn’t have to commit suicide because of these bullies oppress them with their acts of prejudice. We shouldn’t have to feel like outcasts only because we are different, we shouldn’t have to live excluded from the world because we are not perfect. Bright, innocent, young children wait to dream in this nation while they are unaware of the cruel reality.

Let acceptance and understanding lead this country. Leaders will walk the streets living without being influenced; being better and mentally stronger than past generations. Effectively, they won’t have to carry the question of “what will others think of me?’’. This sick way of thinking needs to stop before America is too far off the cliff. Being bias or giving someone preference is pointless and unfair.

I interviewed Wendy one of my junior classmates here at Milby High School. Question: Do you feel that others judge others based on appearance? Yes because it’s our first instinct when we see someone, first impressions will make you feel a certain way. Question: What affects the way we view others? Social media websites, TV shows, movies and celebrities because we get sold on the idea that they are perfect so we make up ideals on how people should look. I would agree with William Hazlitt that “Prejudice is the child of ignorance’’.


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