Milby Cafeteria Food by Wendy Rodriguez c/o 15

MILBY_A rather nice and appetizing meal to fuel students on an educational road to brain stimulation would be more than greatly appreciated.
Last year’s school year, students complained about how the cafeteria food that was being served didn’t fulfill their needs or least desires. The school district made a few changes to the school lunch menu since then to a new and improved healthier food choice.
“The food definitely looks good but its taste is contrary to its looks, they might want to fix that,” says current Milby High School junior student, Jennifer Romo. This is usually a topic that is saved for last or isn’t given enough relevance than it needs to be given. A couple of students reported stomach sicknesses last year after having a half cooked meal. The percent of students that eat the school’s cafeteria food has decreased by about 10% since last year.  What has caused this?
     Maybe it’s because fewer students are eating cafeteria food and are now being provided the option to a different variety of food by school clubs such as JROTC, who are selling burgers for a profit. The culinary classroom that sells food and snacks throughout the day is an option, in order to fund the class itself.
The school district should really think about serving up different varieties of food and snacks other than the regular food choices that are offered every other day or two. Change is good, change attracts the curious and open minded. Students who do not have permission to be off campus during lunch would surely appreciate better cafeteria lunch options since they wouldn’t have to pay for it and they would have the opportunity to eat well while on school campus.
The cafeteria lunch issue may seem small but there would really be a different outcome if certain things would be looked upon to consideration of change.

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