Milby: the Good and the Bad by Nathan Escobedo c/o 17

MILBY_“Milby Buffaloes are all losers, drop outs, and drug users,” says Chavez student Luis Hernandez. Coach Duffer completely disagrees with Luis Hernandez and he defends Milby when he states, “Milby is more than the students and faculty that go here, Milby is unique.”

Let’s start off with the good. We (Milby High School) are more than the names Luis Hernandez called us. Milby has been trying since day one (March 1999) to show their students the right way and not the wrong way. Now Milby High School has their new magnet program and AP and Dual-Credit HCC classes.

We have unique programs like Cosmo, HOSA, JROTC, Welding/HVAC and Culinary Arts. Our baseball, swim, and girls soccer teams have enjoyed successful recent playoff runs with Baseball, Swimming, and Track & Field bringing home District titles last year. Milby’s basketball team was Texas State Champions not too long ago. We have over 20 faculty members who are Milby alumni. This has helped students keep and stay on the right track.

Milby has the number one foreign exchange program in HISD. Last year we hosted students from Spain, Germany, and China- and this year Jamaica, China, Thailand, and Germany. Last but not least the students in Milby. There is always a little or big act of kindness. It might not seem like it, but we’re a good group of kids. Many students participate in Challenge Day to help “Be the Change.” I hope people would start to notice if we go face to face with the facts some of those names are true.

So there was the good, but now here comes the bad. Milby is growing old, like I said earlier it’s been alive for about eighty eight years. This fact I’m about to list is out of date but still affects us. In two thousand seven Johns Hopkins University referred to Milby as the “drop out factory.” What my point is that things are not looking too bright for the kids that don’t even try. I’m not saying kick them out, but something has to be done about this. Ms. Wright my homeroom teacher says “send them out of our school; all they do is take up the good air and seats.” It’s hard when people treat us bad. I feel like we are the lowest school in HISD. In the next four years Milby will have a brand-new campus thanks to the $70 million City of Houston bond election.

When hearing this I believe we can make a change in our school. I now know that there is a lot of good, and the same amount of bad. From Coach Puente: “no matter what I back up my students and Milby any day.” So it’s up to you: is Milby good, or bad?


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