Student Education & Employment by Asusena Vielma c/o 15

HOUSTON_Students that have an education and a job believe it is a huge responsibility in order to stay focused. Although, others believe that having an education is more important than a job.

School is a very good opportunity to take advantage of and take seriously. But, there will be one point where you will have to pay for your education and actually work for it. When conversing with a student from Milby High School she commented, “Going to school and working is good, you will get what you want and attend school at the same time.”

Others argue about having an education and whether it is more important than a job at the time. Another student that is also from Milby High School had a comment to add and said, “Maybe if you stay focused on just school, you will go further than to have both responsibilities at the same time.”

Having an education and a job at the same time is not bad. You will just have to stay even and balanced with both things or maybe even put more effort in at school than your job. It will benefit you to have an education and a job at the same time because you can help yourself in the future by saving money.


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