Milby High School Students Working by Esmeralda Barrera c/o 16

MILBY_Working may be good but not all the time. Especially for students. Students usually work to get money for themselves. Or they just want to help their parents out.
Crystal Parra is a current sophomore student at Milby High School who says, “You get tired, you get out of school and go straight to work. You get out of work and go home. You also have a hard time waking up in the morning. It’s the same old routine every day.”
Stressing out is part of going to work and studying. Sometimes students just focus on getting money and not getting an education. They start caring less about school. All they want to do is work. It can cause problems. Problems with yourself. The way you think, the way you act, emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically. Thinking positive, you earn money. We teenagers usually ask our parents for money. Now you’ll be giving your parents less work and worrying. Knowing that you work they might be thinking you’re mature enough to be responsible for yourself.
To focus in school you need to have enough sleep. Late night shifts are on of the problems why students that work late don’t focus in school. It brings consequences, less sleep and less time. Not just negative things come out from working- some positive things, too. Once you get a job, you will start being independent. You will start feeling more like an adult. And you won’t keep depending on your parents or even friends. You will have the responsibly yourself. 
Do you work part time or full time and attend Milby? Comment below!

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