Celebration of el Dia de los Muertos by Cristina Briagas & Cristal Parra c/o 16

MILBY_This whole tradition started in the 16 century after contact between Mesoamericans and Europeans.Ceromonies held during the Aztec summer month of Miccailhoitotli were mainly focused on  the celebration of the dead. The ceremonies were held under the supernatural direction of goodness. Both children and dead ancestors were remembered. It’s November 1st and 2nd, but not just only in Mexico but also all around the world.
     The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that is celebrated thanks to Diego Duran, a 16 century Spanish priest who said that the Aztec warriors would bring offerings to the dead. It was a Roman Catholic holy day as well. The celebration is celebrated over the two days of November 1-2 . The first day is respected for the children and the second day for the adults. 
   The traditions include building altars in memory of loved ones. The altar (“ofrendas”) uses sugar skulls, beverages, food and visiting the graves with gifts. They also leave possessions for the dead. Some of the food is ‘’el pan muerto’’ the dead bread, for drinking the traditional drink is alcohol. When the family gathers together to go to the graveyard they spend a whole day in the cemetery with their love ones, when the night hits they light up candles and sing songs that remind them about their ancestors.
Skulls are a fun and creative way to celebrate. One famous skull is the “catarina” a female skull that wears elaborate hats and is often seen carrying a bouquet of flowers. Another type of skull is the sugar skull. The sugar skulls are one of the most famous skulls for “el dia de los muertos” even though they’re made up of sugar they’re not typically eaten.
  You don’t have to go to your place of origin to celebrate “el dia de los muertos” because there is always a festival nearer you to remember your ancestors that were close to you. There is a festival always near where you live. In Houston there will be a festival celebrating the 26th annual “el dia de los muertos” exhibition starting October 21st until November 9th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Remember to go out into the world and remember your ancestors.  

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