Milby Marching Thunder Band by Joel Briagas c/o 17

MILBY_Milby’s band is the best band here in Southeast Houston. Also people always talk about the Milby Marching Thunder Band, so we appreciate them for that.

First we are going to talk about how we always stay on the top of the list of bands for our school. Well we always give it 100% every time in practice, performances, and also in class. So I am really glad that I am in the Marching Band at Milby High School. I intend to stay in it until the 12th grade because I love playing the bass drum and I have played now for 10 years.

Every time the band goes to practice we always have to be on point or else we will get in trouble with the band director. So when the bells ring we have at least 10 minutes to change and do what ever you have to do after school but if you’re late you have to do 25 or 30 push ups. Then we do one hour of music and then the band goes outside for the field show and I mean we have to run to the position that we have and wait until the director gets there. So the band always gives them 100 percent of hard work and the section leader too because we have to be on point if we want to stay on top of band.

Also when we have a performance we always make sure that the band have all there stuff together so if they don’t we will help them get what they need. So like we have football games to go to and we always battle the other bands and we always and will sound like as ”One Band One Sound” if not we will not be that good and we will mess up. But then we go out to places to battle or perform and we always have fun performing and the band loves to perform- for other people we always like people coming to see how we play. So we are strict on the performance and we always have fun.

Finally in class we have to pass our classes to stay in band so we could perform and practice if not then “you ain’t playing.” So Mr. Cavitt wants me to get all my classes 80 and above so I will try and pick up my grades and I don’t have to worry because that’s the limit for the band to play in performances and go to places with the band. So if some people fail this class they wont be able to play in Homecoming and that will suck because we are facing our rival team Austin and that’s the performance you don’t want to miss since Austin has a strong band also. So that’s why we have to do our work in class and stay in class so we won’t fail and we could play for everything.

So that is how we do it here in the Milby Marching Thunder Band and we always love it. So you got a taste of the band if you want to see come to Milby High School to see. Our band directors are Mr.Cavitt Mr.Hughes Mr.Winters and Ms.Drexler. So that’s it for the band and hope you could come and see or come and join the best band in Southeast Houston.


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