Milby Manga & Anime Club by Cesar Espinoza c/o 14 & Santiago Diaz c/o 16

MILBY_Morning Milby High School today I’ll be talking about Anime and Manga Club. Anime and Manga is Japanese art and animation style, and fans of Japanese pop culture are known as “otakus.” Sponsoring this club is Ms. Verdin and Mr. Suire. Mr. Suire is our new art teacher and a Milby alum. The kids are enthusiastic; having heart and all although it just started it may need more pepper to run this club.

This is my first year at Milby. I had some ideas in mind when I decided to join myself but I found it best to ask the public first.  Also, If you’re a person that find this unappealing I have some words to make you consider your idea about the understanding of what we offer to the students and the community.

Many Milby students I asked about the club have not heard of or did not understand what the Anime Club does. It may fall to my responsibility to shed the light on our fair work. I have been told what the Anime Club can do and more of its standing in order to see where the Anime & Manga Club will go from here.

Of course, there are competitions, demonstrations, and realizations of what the club needs to do to be overlooked or be unique from Milby’s other programs. I myself have not attended the club yet although I did join I have not attended a meeting. What I do know is that friends and fellow Milby students have informed me on the action I may have missed.

So far, the club is starting slow and just elected a president for the club. What I was told was that some of our members voted to just gain popularity and control other than voting for the cause.  Do these new Milby members know what they’re doing or is the Anime club going to close down in failure? This is an event I must attend to find out, as the club I know and love is on the line! We need to work together on this subject.  Overall the Anime Club has potential to raise more awareness and education for our members and people who are interested in this club.

To learn more information about Milby’s Anime Club please stop by the Library or speak with Mrs. Verdin or Mr. Suire.


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