Health Occupation Students of America: A Hundred Percent Health Care by Angela Lara c/o 16


MILBY_HOSA is a club here at Milby High School that helps students pursue their chosen career in the medical field. Students who want to be in the medical field often don’t know the variety of careers there are. HOSA helps you learn more about each career and what you need to achieve your goals.

        Benefits of being in the HOSA club include being more organized, learning to work well with others and also to communicate better. HOSA is a three year program that starts in the tenth grade. Seniors go to hospitals and observe how each health care worker handles their job. There is a difference between the HOSA club and Principles of Health Science. Principles of Health Science is the class which also helps you pursue your career. HOSA is the club which helps you gain more confidence in yourself and helps you grow in the field you want to pursue.

      Requirements for HOSA are perfect attendance and perfect conduct. HOSA students also do blood drives every year and help save lives! Being a HOSA member is a lot of fun specially if you really want to be in the medical field. So tell a friend if there interested they can sign up their freshmen year and by the time there tenth graders they will be a part of the family.


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