Drugs in Houston by Nathan Escobedo c/o 17

HOUSTON_Drugs, guns, money, and violence- Houston has it all. You never know what to expect. The most good you will get out of Houston is the people in it, sometimes.

Let’s start off with the drug rate. In the last year there has been over 64 drug busts in Houston. This does not look like a big number, but it is the amount of money from these 64 busts is about $1,280,000. A gram is about $70. So us Houstonians, well most of them are doing these drugs or selling them. Students I know that do drugs say “it’s bad” or “don’t do it” yet they continue to do it. These students are our future.



Guns, we see them all the time. Either it’s in TV, movies, games, or even real life. Over 48% of Americans own guns. This is legally owned guns not stolen. Now it is not the guns that do this it is the owner of the gun. 51 million guns are owned in Texas, with a population of 24 million. Does that make any sense? Even high school and Jr. High students think or say that “I’m in a gang”. Then my reaction is “how is that a good thing”? I mean why would you want to participate in this? Most of them are just saying it because it’s the “cool thing to do”. Just a month ago a student got stabbed in Spring. I know that is not in Houston, but it is very near us. The sad part is that the kids and students- also the adults are drawing near the violence.

“Money makes the world go round” is the saying, but can money make the world stop too? Houston I would say is one of the most troubling spots in Texas. Especially downtown Houston. I pass by about ten homeless people every day. That is sad how they are out on the streets. How they got there I don’t know, but I do know it had to do with money. It’s hard not having money- I see my parents work their asses off for at the end of the day it’s really nothing. Sometimes I wish I can change that but, I can’t, and it sucks. I’m saying all of this because, there are hundreds of families out there just like me, even worse.


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