Year in Review (Part Two) by Julian Martinez c/o 15

MILBY_As you already know, the 2012-2013 school year is almost over. And now, here is what I have to say about the school year…and why you want to hear it. What I think about the school year at Milby High School this year is quite unique, but rather short and it includes a new addition to the school.

This year, Milby began having deaf students on campus and adding American Sign Language into the Foreign Language department. Some students took Sign Language as a foreign language class on their schedule, and of course, it’s like a two-year option in order to graduate from taking a Foreign Language credit, and I agree, that’s why I’m planning to take Sign Language as a Foreign Language next year.

This year however, is well…probably historic, but not too much. You guys already know about the Milby Bond that is going on, you know…to rebuild Milby? Although the Bond was approved, now the students want to know when they are going to tear it down and rebuild it. The problem is when? Right now…they’re still planning it in the design phase and how it’ll look by the time I graduate. The rumor is the school (beside the historic facade) will be torn down after the Class of 2014 graduates. Then an 18-24 month building phase will begin. Best case scenario is our current freshmen, the Class of 2016, might have a new building their senior year.

Okay, I’ll tell you the real truth of what I think about this school year. The classes can be hard, and well, they are. It’s just because of how we were taught and how we know about the basis of the subject. It can be difficult, but don’t give up just like that; you have to embrace it even when you have friends on your side.

This year, I reunited with my old friends from Middle School and 9th Grade, and I made new friends as well, including both Life Skills and Deaf Students, and I’m proud of that. Be courageous, be adventurous, and be yourself. That’s all I can think of. Remember, you’re not alone, you have friends and family by your side, and that is something we can all appreciate.

And now to close off this last article, be prepared, Hurricane Season has arrived, and until then; Good Day and have a Safe and Pleasant Summer Vacation!


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